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PUFF Offers Superior Quality, Comfort And Style

100% Brazilian rubber

Our Supplier has been manufacturing in Brazil since 1963. Although it is quite new to the American market, Brazilian Rubber is a time tested product with proven superior quality and comfort.

Long Lasting and Durable
Our Flip Flops last 30 times longer when compared to other Flip Flops on the market

The Perfect Thick Cushion For Comfort And Style.
Our rubber soles & straps are flexible and won’t irritate the skin between the toes.

Thick and Flexible Soles
Won’t flatten or wear with sustained and long term use.

Skid Resistant
Brazilian rubber is known for its non-slippery qualities, making our Flip Flops safe to use in wet areas such as pool decks and spas, on cruise ships, in the shower or on the beach boardwalk.

NO Expiration Date
The shelf life is considered UNLIMITED if stored properly. A bonus for retailers and consumers.

PUFF Custom Piercings

Our custom made PUFF piercings are specially designed, engineered and manufactured to our specifications. This allows for the piercings to be both interchangeable and replaceable. These specialized strap piercings allow our customers to change the look of their PUFFs at any time and in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Express your own personal style, individuality and creativity with custom embellishments
  • Mix and match – A diverse collection of piercings and flowers, so that any one pair can be redesigned or re-imagined
  • PUFF designers (our customer) have the ability to create endless looks for every day or any occasion.
  • Removable, so as to preserve the piercings before going in the water or before cleaning the soles and straps.
  • If you have an upcoming party, event, or fundraiser, we can also have a custom PUFF Piercings made to make those events even more memorable. Guests will leave with a high quality parting gift, a PUFF treasure, that will leave them with a lasting impression.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"


Meet Our Team


I am  a 40+ year resident of the State of Arizona having moved to the Valley of the Sun in grade school after my Father retried from his career of Military Service. I attended Moon Valley High School in NW Phoenix, graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff earning a Bachelor’s Degree and continued with post graduate study at Arizona State University in Tempe. I am the Mother of Summer, and the Bonus Mother to Tessa, and  together with my husband Joe, have 3 wonderful grandchildren.

I believe in a lifelong love of learning and I have a true entrepreneurial spirit. I am the Owner and Designated Broker of Goodman Real Estate Brokers, a boutique Real Estate Brokerage located in North Central Phoenix. I have been a Real Estate Broker now for 15 years.

Pop Up Flip Flop (PUFF) came to me while Joe and I were on vacation in Hawaii just a few years ago.  I have always been an avid flip flop wearer since our weather here in Phoenix allows for almost year round flip flop enjoyment. I was forever in search of the cutest and most comfortable pair.  Joe and I enjoy travel very much and especially to beach destinations, so flip flops are a wardrobe staple for me.

I think as a team and a Family –  Summer, Tessa, Joe and I have come up with something that is really quite unique, special and unmatched in the marketplace at this time.  We have sourced the highest grade Brazilian Rubber from our manufacturer partner that offers true quality, comfort, and durability.  We have also created our own unique piercing designs and crystal embellishments that are manufactured to our specifications for our PUFF rubber straps and our wonderful consumers like you. Exceptional products and service are the fundamentals and hallmarks for our company.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy designing your own Pop Up Flip Flops, pairs that show off your unique personality and design style and would appreciate your support and feedback.


I have three very energetic children who keep my husband and I very busy. We are a family who is always on the go between school functions and the kids extracurricular activities. I was born and raised in the greater Phoenix area and graduated with my Bachelors degree  from Northern Arizona University. The past several years I have worked in Elementary education. Working as a third grade teacher in a Title 1 school, a lower income community, has really shown me the lack of funding of our schools in Arizona. Often times fundraisers are essential in getting the needed technology, supplies for our students, or special entrance fees or trips they would not otherwise be able to afford. Co-founding Pop Up Flip Flop has allowed me to introduce a fun and unique fundraising opportunity to schools, churches, and organizations. I knew offering a unique product that is essential to every Arizonan wardrobe would be destined to become a quick and easy fundraiser for any organization. Pop Up Flip Flop has allowed me to embark on a double journey of entrepreneurship and educating our Arizona’s youth.


I am a born and raised Phoenician and along with my Mother and Sister also received my Bachelors Degree from NAU. Growing up in the Valley of the Sun I was always in flip flops, but they were almost always to some degree uncomfortable to wear. They would either be too flat to wear or would hurt my toes, so for many years I would spend more money on higher grade brand flips flops like Rainbows until I stopped wearing them all together. When I was approached to join this flip flop business I became instantly excited because for the first time I found flip flops that I could not only decorate to fit my personality but that were actually comfortable to wear. And I am excited to share such a great product with the rest of the world.

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