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PUFF Offers Superior Quality, Comfort And Style

100% Brazilian rubber

Our Supplier has been manufacturing in Brazil since 1963. Although it is quite new to the American market, Brazilian Rubber is a time tested product with proven superior quality and comfort

Long Lasting and Durable
Our Flip Flops last 30 times longer when compared to other Flip Flops on the market

The Perfect Thick Cushion For Comfort And Style
Our rubber soles & straps are flexible and won’t irritate the skin between the toes

Thick and Flexible Soles
Won’t flatten or wear with sustained and long term use

Skid Resistant
Brazilian rubber is known for its non-slippery qualities, making our Flip Flops safe to use in wet areas such as pool decks and spas, on cruise ships, in the shower or on the beach boardwalk

NO Expiration Date
The shelf life is considered UNLIMITED if stored properly. A bonus for retailers and consumers

PUFF Custom Piercings

Our custom made PUFF piercings are specially designed, engineered and manufactured to our specifications. This allows for the piercings to be both interchangeable and replaceable. These specialized strap piercings allow our customers to change the look of their PUFFs at any time and in the comfort of your own home

  • Express your own personal style, individuality and creativity with custom embellishments
  • Mix and match – A diverse collection of piercings and flowers, so that any one pair can be redesigned or re-imagined
  • PUFF designers (our customer) have the ability to create endless looks for every day or any occasion
  • Removable, so as to preserve the piercings before going in the water or before cleaning the soles and straps
  • If you have an upcoming party, event, or fundraiser, we can also have a custom PUFF Piercings made to make those events even more memorable. Guests will leave with a high quality parting gift, a PUFF treasure, that will leave them with a lasting impression

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"


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