Customization Options

Customization Options

Customization begins with your choice of both sole color and strap thickness and color. Our straps and soles are all 100% Brazilian Rubber for durability and comfort. Choose from a full array of embellishment options to make each pair a unique and fully custom original. Change out crystal colors, add a flower, or change your piercings – tons of options for your PUFFs. Express your own individuality and creativity.

PUFF Piercings and Crystals are all custom manufactured exclusively for Pop Up Flip Flop. We call them Piercings because they literally pierce into the strap. The backs of all of our Piercings and Crystals have a special mounting that allows them to fit snug within the Brazilian Rubber Strap. The Piercings are not felt on the top of the foot, total comfort with all the cuteness


PUFF Crystals and Piercings can easily be interchanged with ease. Simply and gently pull the embellishment out of the strap to remove. To insert a Piercing or Crystal, gently push the backing into the strap hole, making sure the embellishment fits snug within the strap. Make sure the Piercing is flat against the top of the strap, and the backing firmly secure within the strap. Since all of the backings have identical dimensions, any Crystal or Piercing can easily be put in any strap position.

11 Beautiful Sole Colors

12 Vibrant Strap Colors:

Thick Collection (Strap Measures 5/8 inch (15 mm) wide)

Thin Collection (Strap Measures 7/16 inch (11 mm) wide)

PUFF Piercing Collection

Each piercing comes as a set of two.

PUFF Flower Collection

Choose the center crystal color and finish of your choice

Flowers come in a set of two.

PUFF Crystal Collection

Rose Gold or Silver finish

Crystals come in a set of two.

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